17 May 2014

Cafe Publico : Everyday is a Publico Holiday!

Another restaurant off my list!

This hole-in-the-wall wedged in the corner of the cinema area at Greenhills Promenade is a gem. From looking at articles prior to this visit, I had thought the place would be spacious for family gatherings and such. I did not expect it to be a quaint little number. Pretty strategic location, I would say. I am guessing moviegoers take a quick stop here before or after their agendas. Others would probably choose more famous fast food chains, but I say give Cafe Publico a shot.

It’s a date/snack/dinner/dessert/hangout place in one. They even have a BIG chess set and some board games for those who prefer that kind of entertainment while dining.

The experience is a feast for the senses. The interiors pull off an effortless chicness in its own mixed and matched way, with details that will catch the eye every now and then. The food is very much enjoyable to the palate. My boyfriend and I could not decide among their selection that we have already decided we will come back to try the rest.

We ordered:


Churros - cinnamon-and-sugar-coated mini churros sticks with a thick chocolate dip on the side. I should note that their churros were not greasy. Thank you very much.

Moroccan Beef Chili with Nachos - flavorful and bean-y with a lovely blanket of mozzarella on top.

(main courses)

Three-Cheese Beef Lasagna - really creamy and cheesy

Meatballs and Cheese on Ciabatta - tomato + cheese + beef = YUM. The ciabatta was good on its own, too.


Gelato! - Dirty Mint + Salted Butter Taffy + Ferrero. I love that they let you choose up to 3 flavors for any size you want. We got the medium cup which was more than enough for us. The Dirty Mint (mint chocolate chip) is refreshing. The Salted Butter Taffy is a strong tug-o’-war between sweet and salty. The Ferrero has Ferrero bits! <3

Obviously, I enjoyed my dinner date and Instagram-ing would not have been enough. This is one of those restaurants I really hope would not turn into a franchise. :( It’s just right being a must-try restaurant. It does not have to come to you because it is worth the trip. OMG SO MANY FEELS. I think my only recommendation would be: Fix the AC. Haha! Other than that, it was great.

Oh! I also have to commend them for good customer service. We didn’t have to wait long for our orders. I also saw the owner (Mr. Peter, from the articles I’ve read) was very hands-on in the kitchen. He would also check on his customers every now and then. I love that.

Happy weekend! :)

Cafe Publico is located at the 2F Promenade, Greenhills Shopping Center, San Juan.