c x j 2014 | hot air balloon festival (Lubao, Pampanga)

When I spontaneously invited you to come with me to the hot air balloon festival last year, I didn’t think you’d actually say yes!

But you did. :)

Look how things have changed!!! Crazy, right? But I’m so happy I get to spend these moments with you.

Thank you for doing all these things for me and with me — even though I knooooow these aren’t really your thing. Thank you for being the constant amidst my crazy.

I love you everyday.

Secret from PostSecret.com

Secret from PostSecret.com

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almost is never enough | tinimbang ka ngunit kulang



Tried out this little place along Tomas Morato. It was packed! Had to wait to be seated properly.

Tried their Matcha Butterscotch Korichio. Cannot decide whether I’d consider it a drink or dessert. Bottomline is that I thought it was delicious.

Also had their Red Velvet (cheese)Cake and Maltesers Cake. I always look for cream cheese in anything red velvet. I don’t find it legit if they use buttercream or anything else. Kozui’s cake was a successful showcase of red velvet elements, and I’m glad it used cream cheese. I have no comment for the maltesers cake.

Their Chocolate Mochi Truffles were a winner. Balls of chewy mochi with chocolate in the middle, coated in chocolate, and dusted with dark cocoa powder. YUM.

Kozui offers green tea-based beverages, green tea-infused desserts, and some rice meals (which I have yet to try) :) Customers are mostly families and groups.